WHO head Ghebreyesus announces new covid dictates to force governments into authoritarian compliance

In a meeting that received almost no attention, dictators within the World Health Organization (WHO) converged to discuss plans to take over the world during the next fake “pandemic,” which might just be another round of “covid.”

Led by WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the dictator meeting focused on the issuance of new “standing recommendations for covid,” as well as soon-to-follow standing recommendations for monkeypox, which the media is now calling “mpox.”

In addition to Ghebreyesus, the meeting was attended by the following WHO dictators:

  • Prof. Preben Aavitsland, a faculty member within the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Health Care at the University of Bergen in Norway, and chair of the WHO advisory committee that recommends the “standing recommendations”
  • ┬áDr. Mike Ryan, an Irish epidemiologist and the executive director for emergency planning at the WHO
  • Dr. Sylvie Briand, a member of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and director of epidemic and pandemic preparedness and prevention at the WHO
  • Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, a modeler and honorary lecturer at Imperial College London who is also WHO’s technical lead for Covid-19

“Three months ago, I declared an end to Covid-19 as a global health emergency, although I said that it remains a global health threat,” Ghebreyesus ominously stated at the start of the meeting.

“In the past month, only 25 percent of countries and territories have reported Covid-19 deaths to WHO and only 11 percent have reported hospitalizations and ICU admissions,” he added, apparently upset that most of the world has stopped even thinking about covid, let alone making much ado about nothing concerning its continued alleged presence.


(Related: The United Nations [UN], which oversees the WHO, just announced that more politicians must step up to become “ringmasters” in ushering their people straight into the “green” abyss.)

Will the covid dictatorship ever end, or is it now a permanent fixture?

The meeting would go on from there with Ghebreyesus indicating that the WHO is still tracking covid “variants” that it claims could mutate into more dangerous variants “that could cause a sudden increase in cases and deaths.”

It almost sounds like a threat rather than information, but what Ghebreyesus then went on to state is that covid is not over, according to the WHO, and that UN member nations will need to continue abiding by all sorts of dictates in order to remain in compliance with the globalist body’s dictates.

“When I declared an end to the Covid-19 emergency in May, I announced that I was establishing a review committee to advise me on standing recommendations to support countries to manage Covid-19 in the long term,” Ghebreyesus further revealed.

“Today, on the advice of the committee, I’m issuing standing recommendations for countries in seven major areas. This recommendation reinforces the advice WHO has provided to countries in its strategic preparedness and response plan published in May.”

The seven protocols state that all countries:

  • Must update their national Covid-19 programs to align with the WHO’s strategic preparedness and response plan
  • Must sustain “collaborative surveillance” for Covid-19
  • Must report Covid-19 data to the WHO or “open sources,” especially on death and severe disease genetic sequences and data on “vaccine” effectiveness
  • Must continue to offer covid injections, even if nobody wants them anymore
  • Must continue to initiate support and collaborate on research to create evidence for Covid-19 prevention and control
  • Must deliver “optimal clinical care” for Covid-19, including access to “proven treatments,” as defined by the WHO (meaning the jabs and other deadly “medicines” only)
  • Must continue to work towards ensuring “equitable” access to “safe, effective, and quality-assured vaccines, tests, and treatments for Covid-19”

The latest news about the globalist effort to enslave the entire world forever during the next staged “pandemic” can be found at Globalism.news.

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