The FDA is a front organization that has allowed vaccine manufacturers to pillage the world for decades

The majority of Americans once trusted their government to tell them the truth about vaccines. However, after the covid-19 scandal of lies, fraud and abuse, more people are questioning the entire vaccine evaluation and regulatory process.

What if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was originally setup as a front group for the pharmaceutical industry, and its legal and scientific processes were fabricated to only benefit specific drug makers?

What if the FDA was intended to be a mafia working on behalf of certain pharmaceutical companies?

What if the agency was nothing more than a false authority that was allotted power because the agency was used to pressure Congress into giving Big Pharma dominance over the people of the United States?

What if the FDA used empty office buildings – no technicians, no equipment, no sampling, no oversight – as an affront of regulatory oversight?

What if testing and regulations for biologics (vaccines) never existed in the first place?

For biologics, the FDA is an affront to the scientific method, a façade of regulatory oversight

A paralegal from Pennsylvania – Katherine Watt – is raising serious questions about the history of the FDA and the NIH. According to Watt, since World War II, the U.S. Congress has been passing legislation that makes it easier for the pharmaceutical industry to destroy people’s lives, using the FDA as a front.

As the lies surrounding the covid-19 scandal continue to be exposed, more people across academia, medicine, government, science and the legal system continue to question the history and the motivations of Big Pharma and the federal government. If widespread medical and scientific malfeasance can be swept under the rug today, what other criminal conspiracies have taken place, with government agencies getting away with fraud and mass murder?

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How are government agencies used to protect criminal organizations, and how might regulators be used by Big Pharma mafias to destroy the lives of whistleblowers and truth-tellers? If the head of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease can change the definition of gain-of-function research to develop bioweapons offshore, then what other acts have occurred where government officials tortured the language and used legalese to coverup crimes against humanity?

The pre-1972 statutory and regulatory history of U.S. public health agencies is riddled with clues to mass deception, fraud and coverups. In 1973, the regulation of biological products was transferred from the NIH Division of Biologics Standards to the FDA Bureau of Biologics. This is historically important, as the FDA would go on to consolidate a set of biological product manufacturing non-regulations in the Federal Register.

The FDA’s façade of regulatory oversight exposed

During an email exchange recently, Katherine Watts raised the question “Why are they (NIH and FDA officials) lying” about the statutory and/or administrative origins of biologics regulation?

When modern day NIH and FDA employees tried to explain the origin of the biological product and vaccine manufacturing regulatory systems, their stories did not match the text of the statutes they cite.

She believes the FDA owns a network of empty office buildings without technical staff, lab equipment or processing procedures. These physical locations, setup from 1973 and onward, provide mailing addresses so that vaccine manufacturers can fill out fake forms, including establishment license application (ELA) and the product license application (PLA).

The ELA and PLA were eventually consolidated into a biologics license application (BLA) in the mid 1990s, eliminating the requirements for establishment inspections and licensing, and obfuscating responsibility at the factories by breaking up the “responsible head” so that no one would be held responsible in the end.

Her analysis also suggests that the factory employees are just paper pushers with no scientific knowledge or responsibility. They carry out the task of producing the toxic formulas, putting them in vials and slapping labels on them, before sending out application forms to the FDA’s empty-building addresses. Once the application forms arrive at the addresses, more paper pushers file them away until they are shredded a few years later. Today, the addresses are used for electronic transfer purposes, to make it appear that there is regulatory oversight at the FDA. However, there are no technicians in the buildings, and no equipment nor sample testing.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, one of the first medical professionals to warn about the fraud and devastation to come from COVID-19 vaccines, commented on Mrs. Watt’s assertions.

“It looks like deception may have been going on a very long time before “covid vaccines” were a thing.” he writes.

If Katherine Watt is right, there are entire administrative processes that exist only on paper, but there are no staff overseeing the technical aspects implied. Effectively, no practical regulation of vaccines (safety, efficacy, and quality) has ever existed. Nothing would surprise me anymore. After all, as I have said repeatedly, there are in the “covid-19 vaccines” numerous, independent, unnecessary and (to those with relevant expertise) obvious toxicity risks, none of which have been evaluated (because they’re intentional, they’re there by design).

The vaccine industry has been a ruse for decades, long before covid-19 vaccines were fraudulently pushed into the marketplace.

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